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Sadak Suraksha Awareness @Schools – Season 1

SadakSuraksha.in (popularly known as SS) is creating awareness to have safer roads for the last three years mainly through social media. When a person is being killed in about every four minutes due to road accidents (as per NCRB Report), we think that every effort that can be made to save a life should be made. With an objective to reachout to more people and to make them a little more aware about the significance of road safety, Sadak Suraksha Awareness @Schools is being organized through the active support of schools across the nation. The prime focus is not to have a competition but to engage them constructively to become better, more informed responsible citizen.


  1. SS Expression (through painting, craft, fabrics etc.) [Code: SSAE]
  2. SS Info Alert (responding info questions online) [Code: SSAI]
  3. SS Suggestions [Code: SSAS]
  4. SS Activities [Code: SSAA]
  5. SS SP Storyline [Code: SSASP]

Based on the performance in different events SadakSuraksha.in would like to identify a few students to be designated as 'SS Ambassadors'. If selected students and school agree (on activity-to-activity basis), they would be supported to carryout activities towards road safety in and outside school.

SS Expression

Through painting, craft, fabrics etc.
[Code: SSAE]

SS Info Alert

Test your Road Safety Quotient online
[Code: SSAI]

SS Suggestions

Suggest to make roads safer & better
[Code: SSAS]

SS Activities

Share your activities with the world
[Code: SSAA]

SS SP Storyline

Make Sadak Pappu & Sadak Suraksha do what you want
[Code: SSASP]

Awareness @Schools - Season 1 Snapshots


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SS Expression - Season 1 Entries

Like, share and give ratings to encourage the students (Pre-schoolers to Class V Standard) across India for their expressions on road safety.

SS Activity - Season 1 Entries Like, share and give ratings to encourage various activites carried out by students across India.

SS Suggestions - Season 1 Entries Like, share and give ratings to encourage the suggestions made by students across India.

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