Sadak Suraksha Awareness @Schools
– Season 3 is creating awareness to have safer roads for the last four years mainly through online means. When a person is being killed in about every four minutes due to road accidents (as per NCRB Report), we think that every effort that can be made to save a life should be made. With an objective to reachout to more people and to make them a little more aware about the significance of road safety, Sadak Suraksha Awareness @Schools is being organized through the active support of schools across the nation. The prime focus is not to have a competition but to engage them constructively to become better, more informed responsible citizen.


  1. SS Expression (through painting, craft, fabrics etc.)
  2. SS Info Alert (responding info questions online)
  3. SS Suggestions
  4. SS Activities
  5. SS SP Storyline

Based on the performance in different events would like to identify a few students to be designated as 'SS Ambassadors'. If selected students and school agree (on activity-to-activity basis), they would be supported to carryout activities towards road safety in and outside school.

SS Expression

Through painting, craft, fabrics etc.

SS Info Alert

Test your Traffic Rules Quotient online

SS Suggestions

Suggest to make roads safer & better

SS Activities

Share your activities with the world

SS SP Storyline

Make Sadak Pappu & Sadak Suraksha do what you want

Great Chance to Win Attractive & Inspirational Gifts

There are Awesome Gifts for Early Birds (those who submit their entries before 24 Jan., 2019) and Chirping Birds (those who submit their entries before 31 Jan., 2019).

Entries must be valid, eligible for certificates. Entries for Gifts shall be selected through draw of lots from the eligible entries on 25 Jan., 2019 and 01 Feb., 2019 respectively. Winners shall have to complete their contact details like address, mobile number and email so that the gifts can be delivered to them.

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SS Expression - Season 3 Entries

Like, share and give ratings to encourage the students (Pre-schoolers to Class V Standard) across India for their expressions on road safety.

SS Activity - Season 3 Entries Like, share and give ratings to encourage various activites carried out by students across India.

SS Suggestions - Season 3 Entries Like, share and give ratings to encourage the suggestions made by students across India.

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